Work Together
1:1 Coaching Sessions
60 mins
+ Unique and personalized to you and your journey

+ Personalized homework after each session

+ Sessions available via phone or FaceTime

+ One hour long sessions

+ Minimum commitment – 3 sessions


Package of 3 Sessions

Sliding Scale – $195 – $450

Based on Income



Head here to fill out this short application to work together and then we can set up a free Alignment Call to see if we’re a good match to work together. An Alignment Call is recommended before moving forward in any coaching package.
Virtual Energy Healing Session
30 mins or 60 mins 
+ Reiki is sent to you long distance from wherever you are in the world

+ We can be on the phone or FaceTime

+ Flow of the Session –

Intention Setting > Receiving the Reiki > Follow Up Share & Integration Conversation > I will share any intuitive insights that come through during the session if you are open to them 


Sliding Scale based on income per session

30 min sessions – cut rate in half

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.  The word ‘Reiki’ is a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Force Energy.’ During a session, this energy is applied and directed to flow through to you to facilitate healing. Reiki helps activate and release stress and tension from the mind, body & soul, bringing clarity, peace of mind, and a relaxed state of being. Sessions will help to clear energetic blockages in your system, which then ripples out to clear and cleanse all levels of your being – physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. This process will help move stagnant energy in your field that is diminishing your life force, creating a greater sense of well-being and vitality.
Interested in Learning how to practice Reiki?
I offer Reiki Certification Classes about two or three times a year. Check out the upcoming Reiki Classes by clicking the button below. If you are interested in a private one on one Reiki class, please inquire with me through email. Rates vary depending on circumstance.

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Not Ready to Work Together?
Not Ready to Work Together?
I totally understand… you will know when you are ready to take that next step on your path either with myself or with another person. I would love to support you on your journey in any way I can. I offer free valuable content in my newsletters if you feel called to stay connected in the future. You can stay up to date on future offerings, receive free guidance and wisdom from my own journey right to your mailbox by signing up below! I look forward to connecting with you.