Tending to the Witch Wound

a three month 1:1 mentorship

Welcome love. I’m excited to announce my newest offering – Tending to the Witch Wound: a three month 1:1 spirit led mentorship designed for witches, healers, mystics, creatives and heartists to identify and move through the blocks that are keeping them from sharing their medicine with the world.

The time is now, love.

What to expect in this cauldron…

+ Find clarity around what’s blocking you from stepping forward and fully owning and magnetizing your gifts

+ Learn and embody tools and practices to move through these blocks to express the next level version of you

+ Get to know the art of your own self sabotage that’s keeping you from fully sharing your medicine with the world

+ Healing from the stories that emerged from a wounded child, past life or ancestor

+ Intuitive energy healing & clearing for integration

+ A deep activation into your inner and outer soul work

+ A blend of intuitive coaching, embodied movement, ritual, inner child work, ancestral healing, journaling reflections, recoding limiting thought patterns & beliefs

+ Tarot & Oracle deck guidance

+ Magic, play & self love practices

Hello beautiful,

Do you have some potent medicine to share with the world? Have you been hiding and afraid to share this with the world?

I see you. I hear you. It makes complete sense why you would be scared.

For centuries, witches and wise women who carried beautiful medicine were killed, tortured and shunned from society for their gifts.

Have you been hiding your gifts behind closed doors in fear of what others might think of you?

Are you afraid to own how powerful you really are?

Terrified to fully step into that next level of yourself and your magic?

I have hung out in this space for years and understand how paralyzing the depth of this fear can be.

If you’re here reading this, then you came here to shine and share your gifts. Keeping your magic all to yourself is doing a great disservice to the world. There are people, plants, and other spirit beings who are praying for you to show up and deliver your medicine. The world needs it now more than ever…

It’s time… if you’re interested in diving in together, let’s chat.

Much love.

What’s Included in the 3 Month Immersion?

+ Six total 75 minute mentorship sessions. We meet 2x a month through video call.

+ Distant energy healing & clearing integrated into sessions

+ Intuitive support from the Tarot & Oracle decks

+ Grounding & sound healing to open every session

+ Personalized homework and practices created for your unique expression

+ A guided meditation to tune into anytime you find yourself blocked

+ Weekly voxer audio message support throughout the program

A deep immersive experience crafted for you if…

+ you’re ready to step into more of your fullness as a healer, witch, creative, coach, however it is that you express yourself

+ you’ve already done a lot of inner work on your journey but are needing some fine tuning and guidance to go deeper

+ you’re ready and eager to dive into your blindspots, move through your blocks, and show up for yourself and your soul work

+ you’re ready to stop hiding behind your gifts and start sharing more of your medicine with the world

+ you’re needing a little bit of hand holding, support, accountability and reassurance on your next steps forward

+ you’re over the subtle self sabotaging tendencies that show up and hold you back in your work

+ you’re wanting to expand the edges of your growth in a strongly held container

+ you’re terrified to step into this next level of you but it’s constantly on your mind and in your heart

 + you have the time, energy and the heart to fully show up for this investment


Does this sound like you?

The time is now, love. Let’s rise.


Your Investment

One Payment of $1,750 USD or Three Payments of $620 USD

Spaces are limited.

Last day to apply is November 15th.


* 5 percent of your investment will be donated to X organization to end human and sex trafficking *


Not Ready to Work Together?

I totally understand… you will know when you are ready to take that next step on your path. I would love to support you on your journey in any way I can. If you’d like to stay connected, share your email below. I look forward to connecting with you.