What Channel Are You Tuning Into?

By: Mackenzie Rae | November 20, 2021


The other night, I laid awake in bed worrying about the sounds I was hearing in the room I was sleeping in.

The wind was strong.

The rain was heavy.

It was making the house creek and the door sway open and shut.

I couldn’t fall asleep because my nervous system was racing.

I checked multiple times and nothing was there. It was certainly the wind.

But I’m a super sensitive sleeper and when I hear noises in the space I’m sleeping in, it sends me right back into my childhood home that was…


Pretty haunted.

But what I realized in that moment was that I had become so fixated on the noises in the house that I couldn’t hear rain outside.

My brain was flooded with thoughts about how there was something in the house and I needed to protect myself.

In that moment, I realized I was tuning into the wrong noise.

And what a beautiful metaphor this is for Life.

What channel are you tuning into?

Both internally and externally.

Which voices are you listening to & feeding into in your head?

Which channels are you taking in from the outside external world?

And how are these channels affecting the way you perceive the world & yourself?

You get to choose which thoughts you feed & which channels your subscribe to.

Are these thoughts & channels getting you where you want to go?

Or are you forgetting to listen to the rainfall?

Because that channel, with nature… will bring you right back to your center.

Back to that place inside that knows exactly where you want to go & how you want to express in the world.

And that’s what we need more of.

And that’s what I’m here to help you tune into…


What’s that special, unique gift that you have that’s been clouded by Noise?

If you’d like some guidance and reflection with figuring this piece out… let’s talk.

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