Welcome to The Vessel of Magic – a three month 1:1 spirit led mentorship and coaching program for healers, coaches, creatives or anyone with medicine on their heart ready to step up and share their gifts with the world.

+ Step into & claim your power more fully

+ Embody your unique magic

+ Identify & unravel the blocks that have been keeping you from sharing your medicine with the world

+ Make a bigger impact

If you’ve been feeling the call, the time is now, love.

Last day to apply is 1/11.

My name is Mackenzie Rae. I’m an intuitive healer, space holder and coach to help you more fully embody and share your unique magic with the world. I help healers and coaches navigate their fears of being seen and overcome self sabotage in their work and life.

I have been practicing in the healing realm for over a decade. The feeling of imposter syndrome never really seemed to go away despite the amount of experience, knowledge, and training I continued to immerse myself in.

I watched myself play small in my work and my service over and over again. I sat in debilitating fear and shame around sharing my work with the world.

I know what it’s like to fall prey to the voice inside that says you’re not enough. The voice that says you need more certifications or more experience before you can share.

I am incredibly familiar with all the sneaky ways self sabotage shows up in my business, life and relationships.

I know what it’s like to betray yourself over and over again in order to please others and avoid triggering people by playing small.

For years, I watched myself become paralyzed by crippling fear and anxiety whenever it came to me sharing my voice.

Does this at all resonate with you?

The truth is, the longer you hang out in this space of fear… the more you tell yourself that you can’t… the more you hold yourself back out of fear of judgment from others… the bigger the disservice you are doing to the world.

The work has to happen inside the body. The healing has to happen on a cellular level. These patterns that are keeping you stuck are deeply embedded in your being. It’s not always a quick fix. It requires time, love, and deep attention to fully untangle yourself from the programming. You can’t just push on through with your mind, my loves. You will continue to find yourself in the same place year after year if you try to do it this way.

How long are you going to withhold your medicine from the world? What will it actually take for you to step up and share more fully, more authentically?

There are people out there praying for you to show up because you have the exact message that they need to hear in order to unlock themselves and step into their full potential.

Let that land for a moment.

Are you ready to step up? 

Go From…
+ overwhelmed & stuck in moving forward  >>  ease, pleasure & focus

+ fear around showing up  >>  freedom & excitement

+ confusion around how to move forward  >>  clarity & confidence

+ victimhood mindset  >>  powerfully owning your experience

+ hiding in your work  >>  powerfully serving and showing up

+ poor leaky boundaries  >>  loving, strong boundaries

+ burn out & exhaustion  >> prioritizing pleasure & self care



What to expect in the vessel…
+ Find clarity around what’s blocking you from stepping forward and fully owning and magnetizing your gifts

+ Learn and embody tools and practices to move through these blocks to express the next level version of you

+ Get to know the art of your own self sabotage that’s keeping you from fully sharing your medicine with the world

+ Healing the stories that emerged from a wounded child, past life or ancestor

+ Intuitive energy healing & clearing for integration

+ A deep activation into your inner and outer soul work

+ A blend of intuitive coaching, embodied movement, ritual, shadow work, inner child work, ancestral healing, journaling reflections, recoding limiting thought patterns & beliefs

+ Tarot & Oracle deck guidance

+ Magic, play & self love practices

Withholding your magic from the world and keeping it all to yourself is doing a disservice to the world. There are people, plants, animals and other spirit beings who are praying for you to show up and deliver your medicine. The world needs it now more than ever…


If you’re interested in diving in together, let’s chat. You can apply for the program here.

Much love.

What are others saying?

“Describing the impact Mackenzie has had on me would take more than words could harness. I spent decades looking for guidance of all kinds. Nothing helped. I can honestly say that after years of therapy and trainers, nobody has ever spoken more openly, genuinely and with such poise as Mackenzie has. She has made statements that resonate with me to my core. She has provided me with insights that I would have never thought of. Mackenzie has been enlightening, a strength, an embrace for vulnerability, and I hope to say a friend. I could not recommend Mackenzie Rae enough.” – Amy Pemberton

“Mackenzie is incredibly intuitive. She reads energy naturally and offers powerful, transformative sessions that will leave you feeling cleansed and realigned within. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity that she offers. She’s a true healer and intuitive professional. Don’t pass on an opportunity with her!” – Courtney Nigro

“I am just beginning my journey with this work but having Mackenzie as a guide and support system has made this work feel like something I can actually handle and am ready to commit to.” – Monica Schneider

What’s Included in the 3 Month Immersion?

+ Nine total 60 minute mentorship sessions. We meet 3x a month through video call.

+ All calls will be recorded for you to refer back to and reflect on

+ Personalized homework and practices created for your unique expression

+ Weekly Voxer audio message support throughout the program

+ Five recorded yoga classes to practice at your own pace

A deep immersive experience crafted for you if…

+ you’re ready to step into more of your fullness as a healer, witch, creative, coach, however it is that you express yourself

+ you’ve already done a lot of inner work on your journey but are needing some fine tuning and guidance to go deeper

+ you’re ready and eager to dive into your blindspots, move through your blocks, and show up for yourself and your soul work

+ you’re ready to stop hiding behind your gifts and start sharing more of your medicine with the world

+ you’re needing a little bit or a lot a bit of hand holding, support, accountability and reassurance on your next steps forward

+ you’re ready to end the subtle self sabotaging tendencies that show up and hold you back in your work

+ you’re wanting to expand the edges of your growth in a strongly held container

+ you’re terrified to step into this next level of you but it’s constantly on your mind and in your heart

 + you have the time, energy and the heart to fully show up for this investment


Does this sound like you?

The time is now, love. Let’s rise.


Space is limited.

Last day to apply is January 11th!

The container will be opened on the New Moon, January 12th, 2021.

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