The Power of Doubt

By: Mackenzie Rae | November 20, 2021


When you find your doubt creeping in…

What do you do with it?

Do you welcome it?

Do you let it take you down & demolish you?

How do you meet your doubt?

What would happen if you leaned into your doubt?

Not in a soul-sucking, dream demolishing kind of way…

But actually, feel the flavor of your doubt & let it teach you & stretch you kinda way?

Doubt is your ego trying to play games

And I love games

But not these kinds of games where the ego calls all the shots

No thank you

I’ve gotten smacked around by my ego plenty of times

To the point where I’ve been terrified to show up & share my gifts

To the point where I’ve deeply questioned myself & my path

But I’ve learned how to transform my doubt by setting some very much needed boundaries

Cause an ego game without a container…

Without some rules…

Well that’s just asking for trouble

When the boundaries are clear

The fun & the transformation with the games begin

You can let your doubt take you through a tour of your psyche

Let it peek into all the nooks & crannies of your being

To help you find the seeds within yourself that still need tending to

Seeds that still need some loving & some watering

It’s an opportunity to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself

To turn doubt into determination

To turn doubt into depth

And to really dance with your doubt

If you’d like some support doing this…

If you’d like someone to be able to hold you through this process as you move closer towards the visions you’re wanting to bring into life…

Whether that’s your soul offering

Or a relationship

Or a community…

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