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Amy Pemberton

“Describing the impact Mackenzie has had on me would take more than words could harness. I have spent decades looking for guidance of all kinds. Weight loss pills, magazines, balloons, therapy, books, anything you can imagine. Nothing helped. I suffer from depression, obesity and anxiety. I didn’t want to give up so I took a shot at looking for a life coach. When I first spoke with Mackenzie, her first words were “I won’t take anyone not interested in helping themselves. We’re in this together.” And she is. She is all in. When we first met, I made a joke about when I’m fixed. She immediately stopped me and said there is nothing wrong with you. You don’t need fixing. You need guidance to see you’re true beauty. That’s what I’m here for. 

I will admit that I was hesitant of Mackenzie’s youth. But I can honestly say that after years of therapy and trainers, nobody has ever spoken more openly, genuinely and with such poise as she has. She has made statements that resonate with me to my core. She has provided insights of which I never have thought, and I feel I’m pretty reflective. Mackenzie has been enlightening, a strength, an embrace for vulnerability, and I hope to say a friend. I could not recommend Mackenzie Rae enough and am happy to speak to anyone considering a path of Reiki and life coaching with her.”

Courtney Nigro

“Mackenzie is incredibly intuitive. She reads energy naturally and offers powerful, transformative sessions that will leave you feeling cleansed and realigned within. I highly recommend working with her in any capacity that she offers. She’s a true healer and intuitive professional. Don’t pass on an opportunity with her!”

Elaine Dilley – LMHC, Writer & Family Constellations Practitioner

“Mackenzie is a gifted practitioner, wise beyond her years. She offers a grounded, centered presence. She’s highly empathic and intuitive. I always feel welcome to express my unfiltered self to her, including my fears, knowing she’s curious and nonjudgmental. She’s amazing at holding space and inviting big shifts with warmth and a smile.”

Monica Schneider

“Working with Mackenzie helped me realize that food was such a clear example of how, in many facets of my life, I was always satisfying an urge and not an underlying need. I started our sessions anxious, hyper and resistant to change. I am so happy to say that, after working together, I am learning how to be calmer, more focused, and on the path to being the healthiest, happiest version of myself. I am just beginning my journey, but having Mackenzie as a guide and support system has made this work feel like something I can actually handle and am ready to commit to. She helped show me how to listen to my body and my heart, and I can’t wait to work with her again in the future.”


Christina Carrigan


“Mackenzie is a true gem who offers comfort, nurturance, support, insight, and the gentle pushing needed to facilitate one’s own inner transformation.  By all means, I highly recommend transforming your life with her.”


Fabienne Annick

“After just one session with Mackenzie, she drew my attention to not only the deep connection between my mental and physical tension, but also to specific places I needed to focus on healing in order to get my energy, thoughts, and body moving in the right direction again.”


Reiki Students

“I loved my first Reiki experience with Mackenzie! I love how Mackenzie was culturally sensitive and honest in her teaching of the practice and history of Reiki. We were encouraged to ask questions, laugh, be curious, and discuss different aspects of the course material and of Reiki in general. I feel like I have a really solid platform to continue learning about Reiki from and definitely intend on following up for Reiki II with Mackenzie. I highly recommend anyone interested to seek her out as a clear channel for the energetic medicine Reiki provides!”

– Ruby Seago

“Mackenzie’s teachings as a Reiki instructor are gentle, astute, and instinctive. She works with each student or small group with the confidence and wisdom of someone far beyond her years, yet she maintains a sense of curiosity that is contagious and necessary as a teacher or student. I learned much in her class about the history of Reiki, and participated in hours of practical instruction. Mackenzie provided me with the tools and confidence to realize my goal of becoming a Reiki Level II practitioner, and I offer praise and gratitude for the knowledge she has passed on to me.”

– Eileen Brunetto

Through Mackenzie’s teachings, she has offered me a deeper understanding of myself, my tendencies, and where I need healing.  Not only did she offer all of the tools necessary to learn and practice Reiki, but she encouraged her students to ask questions, explore our inner workings and develop trust in our own wisdom and innate knowing. Her classroom offers a peaceful, warm and welcoming atmosphere. She takes time to place intention behind her words and harnesses space for others gracefully. It is clear by the accuracy of her insights that she is tuned into the Universal energy that the practice of Reiki channels.”

– Phoebe Hanson

“Receiving my Reiki Training & Attunement from Mackenzie has been the most significant, climactic experience of this year for me. Mackenzie expertly structured both Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 to build on one another, giving us the perfect amount of information and hands-on experience in each session to equip us without overwhelming. I felt fully supported and held by Mackenzie in every moment, safe to experiment, in a stiller space, with plenty of time to sink into what I was learning and be fully present. Reiki will absolutely transform your life. And I cannot imagine experiencing my training with anyone other than Mackenzie.”

– Brooke Berkompas

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