Self Sabotage Getting In Your Way?

Are you familiar with self sabotage?

There’s a part of me that wishes I wasn’t so familiar with this damn thing… but I am! I have been able to re-frame my attitude around it and am actually quite grateful that I’ve gotten so intimate with it. I’ve gotten real close and cozy with self sabotage over my lifetime… I’ve learned it’s ways of taking me down.

I’ve observed it’s sneaky and manipulative ways of keeping me locked in shame and self doubt.

I’ve witnessed the destruction it can do to my life despite having the best of intentions.

I’ve gotten so familiar with it that I can watch it closely as it creeps in and choose to say no thank you.

It took a long time to get here… and a part of me grieves the time that I lost from being stuck in these ways, but I can look back now and appreciate that these moments where I felt paralyzed by self sabotage were actually all learning lessons prepping me for what was to come.

Do you find yourself regressing whenever you start to take steps forward towards a goal or desire? This is self sabotage at its finest.

I view self sabotage as the ego’s attempt at keeping us safe.

We like things that are familiar. And when we introduce change, growth, or evolution, there is a part of us that contracts and will do whatever it needs to do to stop that transformation.

What part of you is not ready to expand, to grow, to evolve and change?

There is a part of you that is super comfortable right where you are and the ego will do anything it can to stop you in your tracks.

At one point, we learned these self sabotaging tendencies to keep us safe. These patterns once served us… but overtime, they become a huge barrier in moving forward with the life we want to live.

How does self sabotage show up?

+ Perfectionism

+ Overindulgence

+ Running away from problems

+ Repressing emotions

+ Procrastination

+ Ruining relationships just as they are getting good

+ Taking too much onto your plate (figuratively and sometimes literally)

+ Self criticism

+ Avoiding pleasurable experiences

+ Taking care of everyone else except yourself

+ Saying yes when you mean no

+ Saying no when you mean yes

+ Continuing to nourish relationships that don’t serve you

+ Choosing to stay in the known because it’s more comfortable

+ Lying to yourself to keep yourself feeling safe and comfortable

+ Avoiding change

+ Saying no to help and pushing people away

+ Comparing yourself to others

+ Prioritizing work that isn’t as much of a priority to you

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