My name is Mackenzie Rae. I’m a somatic healing practitioner, intuitive guide & coach for people who are wanting to access deeper levels of awareness within their bodies, minds & hearts. I have been deeply immersed in the healing arts since I was 16 years old when I first started practicing Reiki. Over the last thirteen years, I have been dedicated to my personal healing & self growth journey as well as the path to develop the tools & facilitation skills necessary to guide you in the realm of healing from the inside out.

My mission is to help you understand & clear away the old narratives & limiting patterns in the mind, body & heart that have been greatly impeding on your day to day experience. As you begin to clear away the debris, you will be able to feel & see yourself more clearly & access more of your true essence & magic you came to embody in the world. 

What do we focus on in our work together?

Sessions weave in a blend of coaching, intuitive guidance, energy healing, embodied awareness & movement, shadow work, inner child work & ancestral healing. Every session is unique in that we work with what’s showing up in your present experience, explore where these patterns originate & invite in the clearing energies & transformative practices that will help you shift towards the life & self you want to embody. 

In these containers, we explore the following –

+ boundaries in relationships, work & life

+ perfectionism

+ relationship & connection to inner child

+ people pleasing patterns

+ self sabotaging tendencies

+ fear of failure/success

+ unwanted behaviors & habits

+ fear of being seen and/or judged

+ imposter syndrome

+ reclaiming your power

+ resistance around owning your gifts & taking up space

+ confidence & self worth

+ sense of purpose

+ self care & morning practice & ritual

+ dreams (waking & sleeping)


This may be for you if you’re…

+ feeling overwhelmed & stuck moving forward

+ trying to work through the same patterns on your own for a while but continue to find yourself stuck in the same place

+ afraid to be seen in your power & your gifts but crave feeling confident & embodied in your self

+ feeling burned out & exhausted doing life the way you think you should versus the way you want

+ finding yourself sabotaging any progress as you’re moving forward towards your goals & desires

+ experiencing self doubt, negative self talk & shame around how you show up in the world

+ committed to your inner work, healing & self growth journey

+ willing to commit to working together for at least 4 months


What are others saying?
“Describing the impact Mackenzie has had on me would take more than words could harness. I spent decades looking for guidance of all kinds. Nothing helped. I can honestly say that after years of therapy and trainers, nobody has ever spoken more openly, genuinely and with such poise as Mackenzie has. She has made statements that resonate with me to my core. She has provided me with insights that I would have never thought of. Mackenzie has been enlightening, a strength, an embrace for vulnerability, and I hope to say a friend. I could not recommend Mackenzie Rae enough.”

– Amy Pemberton

“Mackenzie helped me to see the blindspots of what has been holding me back from doing the work I’m meant to do in the world. She helped bring the shadows into the light. She showed me how important it is to celebrate myself. Since working with Mackenzie, I’ve reconnected with my inner child and have been slowly rebuilding a relationship of trust. Mackenzie’s ability to be fully present with you is such a gift. She shines a mirror on your most wounded parts so that you can begin to heal them.”

– Amanda Rhine

“Mackenzie Rae is absolutely wonderful. I’ve been working with her for about 2 months and wow. My life has changed in so many amazing ways since meeting and working with Mackenzie. The inner work we’ve done has been so thoughtfully planned based on my needs/blockages and her kind, healing energy is contagious in the best way. She is very intuitive and working with her has brought so many opportunities.”

– Hannah Fairbanks

“I have been learning from Mackenzie for a decade, and each time we work together she has shown nothing but honesty, intention, and so much care! With techniques like reiki energy healing, nutrition guidance, body mindfulness practices (and more), Mackenzie has been a huge source of support through a variety of challenges and has helped me make real changes to move forward into a life I have been wanting. Couldn’t recommend more!”

– Monica Schneider

4 Month Mentorship
+ 3 sessions a month (one hour each)

+ access to unlimited text/audio message support outside sessions throughout the entire 4 months together

+ access to all of my online self study programs

+ one year access to my online yoga platform

+ customized & themed homework explorations offered after each session

+ regular accountability & check ins from Mackenzie

+ option to have all sessions are recorded if you desire

Session by Session
+ meet 2-4 times per month (every other week at minimum)

+ commitment to working together for at least 4 months

+ option to pay per session or get a discounted rate when you pay for sessions in bulk

+ limited sliding scale sessions available for those who need it (please inquire within)


What’s the next step? 

Schedule a free 20 minute consult call before so we can determine whether or not we’d be a good fit to work together! Please fill out the form below to schedule a call together.

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