Sliding Scale

Why sliding scale?

Part of my life’s mission is to make healing services more financially accessible so that healing is not considered a luxury service but something that everyone can access. We cannot heal as a collective when only certain folks who are financially able are receiving support. I am happy to offer my 1:1 sessions on a sliding scale basis. I respect and honor wherever you place yourself on the scale in terms of exchange. I will not ask to see proof of income. I rely solely on your honesty, integrity, and respect when booking sessions. I realize that the monetary exchange may change overtime and I fully welcome you taking this into account when paying for sessions.


How do i know how much to pay?

 When deciding where you fall on the scale, please take into consideration other forms of income and resources that you have access to. If you have access to abundant resources or financial support from family, I invite you to pay at the middle or higher range of the scale to help support and sustain this financially accessible model. If you’re not currently receiving a paycheck, but have access to a savings account, family money, or other financial support, please take this into consideration. It is my hope that the people who truly need to access the lower end of the scale are able to. My sliding scale offerings will really only be sustainable when the lower and higher ranges are balanced. I fully believe that if people are coming to me for sessions from a place of honesty and integrity, the alignment and healing potential will be far greater. Thank you in advance for your honesty.


1:1 Suggested hourly rate according to annual income

$65 if you make $25,000 and under

$75 if you make $25 – $40,000

$85 if you make $40 – $55,000

$95 if you make $55 – $70,000

$105 if you make $70 – $85,000

$115 if you make $85 – $100,000

$125 if you make $100 – $115,000

$135 if you make $115 – $130,000

$150 if you make $130,000+

** I offer two $44 sessions a month for low-income single parents/sick or disabled/LGBTQ/BIPOC folks. Current students who are putting themselves through school may also qualify for these sessions.

Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in doing a coaching package, the next step is to apply for your Alignment Call! This is a free 20 minute call to get clear on whether or not we would be a good match to work together. 

Ready to Schedule A Session?

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Not Ready to Work Together?

I totally understand… you will know when you are ready to take that next step on your path either with myself or with another person. I would love to support you on your journey in any way I can. I offer free valuable content in my newsletters if you feel called to stay connected in the future. You can stay up to date on future offerings, receive free guidance and wisdom from my own journey right to your mailbox by signing up below! I look forward to connecting with you.