Work With Me
“Describing the impact Mackenzie has had on me would take more than words could harness. I will admit that I was hesitant of her youth. But I can honestly say that after years of therapy and trainers, nobody has ever spoken more openly, genuinely and with such poise as she has. She has made statements that resonate with me to my core.”
My sessions are unique and vary from person to person. It depends on what you’re looking for and what I feel intuitively guided to do. There is no one size fits all approach to doing healing and soul work so I try to refrain from putting labels and boxes around the work that wants to evolve. I trust the field to deliver the exact medicine you are needing to hear, feel, see, and experience through the container of working together.
I had a very clear call to the healing arts at a young age. I started practicing Reiki when I was 16 years old and became initiated to start teaching Reiki at age 17. I had worked on hundreds of people before I was 20 years old and really started teaching this work.

Reiki was the doorway for me into the healing arts… it has been at the foundation of my personal and professional healing practice for over a decade and has continuously opened new doors to deepen and expand my offerings.

In my sessions, I integrate a number of different healing modalities such as Reiki, energy medicine, vibrational medicine, sound healing, Tarot, visualization, guided embodiment practices and yoga. I am also trained as an Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach so one of my specialities is helping people navigate and find peace and freedom in their relationship with food and body image.


“Mackenzie is a gifted practitioner, wise beyond her years. She offers a grounded, centered presence. She’s highly empathic and intuitive. I always feel welcome to express my unfiltered self to her, including my fears, knowing she’s curious and nonjudgmental. She’s amazing at holding space and inviting big shifts with warmth and a smile.”

For in person sessions in Bellingham, I have office space available on Saturday’s at Lotus Leaf Acupuncture & Wellness Center in Fairhaven.

I am also available for sessions outside in nature, nestled in the trees or next to water.

Long distance healing and coaching sessions are available over the phone or via FaceTime/Skype.