Part of me craves drama because it’s what I know. The other part of me picks things apart to find something to fixate on. Shadow alchemy has transformed my life as I’m able to watch these patterns play out within myself instead of letting them consume me unconsciously… Read more here.

Unless you’ve done a ton of internal work re-wiring and de-programming deep seated beliefs and thought patterns, you are most likely still hooked by your subconscious. Carl Jung says it perfectly – “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” . . . Read more here.

When we allow others’ creations into our sphere, we are being influenced whether we realize it or not. Understanding other’s perspectives is how we grow and become better people. It can be beneficial to take on someone’s perspective as long as you filter it through your own and create your own truth. If you’re trying to play someone else’s game, you need to find YOUR OWN game. Your success isn’t going to look like their success…. Read more here.

I view self-sabotage as the ego’s attempt at keeping us safe. These patterns become a huge barrier in moving forward with the life we want to live. There is a part of you that is super comfortable right where you are and the ego will do anything it can to stop you… Read more here.

Doubt is your ego trying to play games. I’ve learned how to transform my doubt by setting some much-needed boundaries. If you’d like some support doing this, visit Read more here.

If you’d like to pull back the curtain together and see what’s been getting in your own way of living your life fully turned on… Fill out this form here & we can hop on a call together to see if working together might be a good fit… Read more here.

You’re trying to call in the partner, the business, the money, the body, and the friends of your dreams… Well, it’s great to have that intention, but do you have a body that can hold all of it? You’ve got to prep the soil before you can actually grow a luscious garden… Read more here.

What channel are you tuning into? Which voices are you feeding into in your head? And how are these channels affecting the way you perceive the world & yourself? You get to choose which thoughts you feed & which channels your subscribe to. If you’d like some guidance and reflection with figuring this out, let’s talk! Read more here.

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