Why Your Manifestation Practice isn’t working

Do you want to call in the partner, the business, the money, the body, and the friends of your dreams?

Well it’s great to have that intention… but do you have a body that can hold all of it?

Have you built a body you can trust to hold the thing you’re calling in?

This is something I see often where people say they desire certain things, but haven’t really done the internal work of shedding and cleansing old programming and wounding to create space for the desire to become present.

Imagine if everything you desired just arrived into your life tomorrow… how would that land in your body?

Would you be ready for it?

Or does a part of you contract, freeze or want to run?

If you haven’t cultivated your internal landscape to receive the thing you desire, it’s going to have a hard time making it to your reality.

If it does arrive, your nervous system may not be able to handle it.

Your inner world needs to be prepped so that you can invite your dreams into reality in a way that’s sustainable and safe.

Your nervous system has to develop the somatic container to actually hold the frequencies you’re asking for in your life.

You’ve got to prep the soil before you can actually grow a luscious garden.

If you want to grow food that’s going to nourish and sustain you, then you have to plant seeds in really well tended soil.

You have to weed out the parts that no longer serve so that your seeds can continue to thrive.


It’s a lot easier to dream about what you want than to actually work with the shadowy aspects of your subconscious mind that are holding you back from it.

The internal work, the de-programming, the unlearning and the embodiment work are all crucial pieces of the journey to really make manifestation work.

It’s not all about having a positive mindset.

It’s not all love and light.

It’s a lot of shadow work and integrating those unconscious parts of the self into the conscious and weaving them in with light.

This is the work I do with the beautiful souls in my 1:1 coaching containers.

Is this resonating for you?

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