By Mackenzie Rae | November 18th, 2021


We let go so something new can appear


We peel back the layers of Self


Of body, mind, heart, spirit


So that the trauma that’s been embedded in our cells


Carried around for lifetimes


Can finally rest


The grief that’s been trying to find its way out finds a new home with Source


Then your wings begin to open & expand


Into vast new territory & land


You’d be amazed at what’s living inside


These beautiful human vessels


What’s been bottled up for centuries


Getting in your own way of living a life that’s true to you


Getting in the way of expressing your unique life force energy


That’s what I want to see you uncover


So you can step more fully into your purpose, passion, potential


And live the life that’s fully turned on


Because that lives in you too


And it’s waiting for you to open the door


To pull back the curtain & see what’s there


If you’d like to pull back the curtain together and see what’s been getting in your own way of living your life fully turned on…

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