Are Your Subconscious Thoughts Wreaking Havoc In Your Life?

By: Mackenzie Rae | November 22, 2021


Unless you’ve done a ton of internal work re-wiring and de-programming deep-seated beliefs and thought patterns, you are most likely still hooked by your subconscious mind.

In my opinion, this is work that will last a lifetime.

You might have all of the positive intention, engage in all of the positive affirmation work, do all of the manifestation techniques… but until you actually do some deep work with your shadow (the subconscious self), you will continue to create a reality that doesn’t really match what you consciously believe you want.

We attract the experiences and situations in our life because a part of us wants them.

We may consciously want to make more money, find our dream partner, lose weight, or travel and live abroad for part of the year… but another part of you may not actually be stoked to have that.

If you’ve been struggling to make these things a reality for you, my guess is that there’s a part of you that is actually terrified of having the thing you say you want and is doing everything it can to block it from becoming a part of your life.

If you’re not conscious of these fears… they are running the show. And a part of you secretly LOVES it.

Carl Jung says it perfectly – “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

If you’ve been wanting to shift your life in some big way or share your gifts with the world but you can’t seem to get around this internal block, let’s talk.

My job is to help you identify and unravel the pieces within your subconscious mind that are holding you back from fully showing up the way you desire, from creating positive change in your life, from sharing your gifts with the world, and living the life you consciously want to live.

We dive deep into all of the things – shadow work, re-patterning limiting beliefs, inner child work, ancestral healing, and a lot more.

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