An Akashic Records reading is like entering into the Universal library of your soul. In this library, you can find all of the information – past, present and potential futures, existing across all timelines. Everything that gets revealed to you through the records is calibrated to what you need in this moment.

We all come into this lifetime with lessons that we need to experience and learn from. We learn from the things that are holding us back. Some lessons take a long time to unravel, some are hard and quick. Sometimes we can’t see the lesson that’s being laid out in front of us. The Akashic Records offer us a lens to see these lessons from a fresh perspective, unlocking the door to deeper healing and our most authentic self.

what are you curious to explore?
+ relationship patterns, dynamics & lessons

+ your career, soul calling or creative projects

+ your unique soul journey & self growth journey

+ past lives

come with questions & intention
Leave with clarity, inspiration, peace of mind & a deeper sense of empowerment…
What are other people saying?

I recently had an insightful Akashic Records reading with Mackenzie. She has such a comfortable presence and wisdom that truly allows you the safe space to be inquisitive and curious about oneself! I so appreciate the time I get to spend with Mackenzie and always leave feeling more centered.

Shannon Scarborough

I very much enjoyed the Akashic records reading I had with MacKenzie Rae today; I got a lot out of it as well. She shed light on the relationship dynamics at play in my life, which felt both validating and encouraging. I was pleasantly surprised how much came through around daily routines and nourishment too. I now have the astute guidance I need to make some course-corrections around how I spend my time, where I place my focus, and what I take into my body. As a therapist and family constellation facilitator myself, I know a good healer when I see one. Mackenzie Rae is the real thing. I’m so grateful she has weaved Akashic records readings into her work as a new offering. I’ve always known intuition was one of her most powerful gifts and it feels right seeing her put it to use in this way. I highly recommend her and plan to send her many referrals!

Elaine Dilley

I recently enjoyed an Akashic Record reading with Mackenzie. Her reading was clear, responsive, and insightful. She has a professional demeanor and always makes sure there is time for questions, which augmented the value of the reading. If you are curious about a challenging issue in your life and seek clarity that otherwise might not be accessible to you, I highly Recommend a reading with Mackenzie!

Laura Widman

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