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Welcome. I’m happy to have you here. My name is Mackenzie Rae… I’m an intuitive healer, coach, space holder & embodiment facilitator for people who are ready to step more fully into their power & share their gifts with the world in a bigger way.

I work with healers, coaches, creatives & anyone with medicine on their heart overcome their fear of being seen so they can stop hiding their magic & end patterns of self sabotage that are blocking their growth & the evolution of humanity.

I help people get unstuck in their lives by illuminating blindspots & transmuting stagnant energy on a cellular & spirit level. I help people get back into their bodies, feel their feelings fully & nourish themselves in all areas of their life.

Professional Bio

+ Currently studying Body Psychotherapy & Core Energetics at the Seattle School for Body Psychotherapy (2020-present)

+ Mentoring & studying Family & Systemic Constellation Work (2017 – present) 

+ Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health & Integrative Medicine – The University of Vermont 2015

+ Certified Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach – The Institute for the Psychology of Eating 2017

+ Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher – Zuna Yoga 2016

+ Certified Reiki Master 2010 – Student of Berta Prevosti, Stratford, CT

+ Certified Healing Touch I & II Practitioner – The University of Vermont 2013

+ Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner – The University of Vermont 2013

+ Embody Love Movement Facilitator 2017


Does any of this resonate?

+ You often find yourself sabotaging your goals & desires through procrastination, negative self talk, poor boundaries & low prioritization of your work

+ You continue to prioritize work that isn’t crucial to getting your work out into the world in order to avoid the actual substance

+ Anytime you are ready to move forward & achieve your goals, your inner critic starts having a field day & you end up doing nothing

+ You constantly feel the need to do more training & get more certifications in order to share your work with the world

+ You find yourself paralyzed by fear & see how it deeply affects the growth of your life, business & relationships

+ You often find yourself scrolling through social media as a distraction or escape

+ You block yourself by comparing your life to other’s & feeling like you’re not good enough

+ You struggle with food cravings, emotional eating, binge eating, food restriction, weight loss or other addictive tendencies on a regular basis

+ You often find yourself people pleasing, saying yes when you mean no & staying small to avoid triggering others

+ You desire to grow, find balance & fully embody your highest & juiciest self expression 

Then you’re in the right place!

The only way out is through. I don’t believe that life is all about love and light. Our shadow is just as important as the light. It is the merging of the two that create harmony and healing within. From my experience, healing can be messy, but it can also be really beautiful, fun and light. I believe that healing has to happen inside the body on a somatic level… it can’t just happen in the mind. We have to really feel our feelings fully in order to transmute them and free up that energy… otherwise they get locked up in our system and manifest into a host of other unwanted symptoms and behaviors.

The medicine is usually in that which we are avoiding.

As we heal ourselves, we give all of the people that came before us and all the ones to come after us a huge gift.

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A glimpse into my own healing journey…

From a very early age, I remember comparing my body to everyone else’s around me. I remember sitting down and grabbing the rolls on my stomach, constantly checking myself in the mirror to see how my stomach had changed throughout the day. I hated my body. I felt crippling shame and guilt regularly. At the age of 12, I started buying weight loss pills online and researching tons of different diets. I thought that if I could just be “skinny,” then all of my problems would disappear and I would feel happy and be liked by people.

I never felt like I was doing enough.

I was in a constant battle with perfectionism, determining my worth on how I looked, how I performed, how much I exercised, and what the number on the scale said. This negative self talk was only perpetuated by the culture of my community and family I was immersed in regularly. I was surrounded by it. 

All of this lead to a pretty intense binge eating issue that I struggled with for over a decade. I dealt with extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings and anger for many years. I had crippling social anxiety and often felt like I was the most awkward person in the room. I had a really hard allowing myself to be seen and to be vulnerable in my relationships.

After diving deeper into my own healing practice and continuing my own healing journey, I was able to transform my life in all realms. I went from anxious to calm, reactive to responsive, hating myself to loving myself, confused to clear. I went from having very poor boundaries to clear and loving boundaries. I went from depressed and tired to deeply content and energized. I went from fearful of the unknown to trusting how my path unfolds. I went from looking outside of myself for answers to looking within myself. I went from hiding myself to openly sharing my vulnerabilities and truth with people.

 My work has continued to evolve and take different shapes the more I study and work through my own trauma, connect with my inner child and ancestors. I am deeply grateful for my mentors, teachers, friends and family who have helped me along my journey transforming me into the human I am today.

About My Path of Study

My journey of self discovery and healing began when I started learning how to practice Reiki during my Junior year of high school. I have been practicing and teaching this work for over a decade now and although my practice has evolved immensely over the years, Reiki has always been at the foundation of it all. This work completely transformed me as a teenager and helped set me on a much different path than the one I was on. I am endlessly grateful that Reiki found it’s way into my life at such a young age as it ended up shaping my life path in so many ways. I studied with my Reiki teacher, Berta Prevosti, in Stratford, CT throughout the rest of my time in high school and pursued my Reiki Master’s training during my senior year of high school. This training required me to work on hundreds of people before I had even graduated high school. I carried this depth of practice and study into college at The University of Vermont where I offered sessions by donation in my dorm room and my off campus house throughout the duration of school.

I ended up designing my own major and course of study at school, which was focused on Holistic Health & Integrative Medicine. I dove into a broad range of study that incorporated nutrition, psychology, herbalism, mindfulness, energy medicine, yoga, Ayurveda, anatomy & physiology, biology and entrepreneurship. I’ve always had it in me to forge my own path when the ones laid out ahead of me didn’t resonate… which has always challenged yet inspired me moving forward.

Since then I pursued a 200 hour yoga teacher training and dove deep into studying Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition with Marc David and Emily Rosen. So much of the last decade has been focused on doing a lot of my own internal healing work so that I can guide others down their own path of healing. In the last 4 years since moving to Bellingham, I dove deep into healing my own ancestral wounds and patterning through Family & Systemic Constellation work. I have been observing and studying the way my teacher and mentor, Laura Widman works in this way and have began incorporating these insights and wisdom into my own coaching process with clients. This work has also lead me to deepen my studies of yoga, understand trauma on a deeper level, and explore inner parts work. I am currently in school for Somatic Body Psychotherapy & Core Energetics.

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