My Journey With Food & Body Image

My Journey With Food & Body Image

From a very early age, I remember comparing my body to everyone’s around me. I remember thinking I was fat and wanted to lose weight at the age of 12. I started buying weight loss pills online thinking that this would solve all of my problems. I researched a ton of different diets and methods of losing weight before I had even made it into high school. Even though I was incredibly active throughout my youth, I never felt like I was doing enough. I had a severe case of perfectionism, which then lead to a pretty intense binge eating issue. I dealt with extreme fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood swings and anger all throughout high school. Not many people noticed from the outside looking in but I struggled intensely with poor body image & self esteem.

I learned how to practice Reiki while I was a junior in high school and that was when I started really looking at my challenges more intently and started facing the underlying issues. I soon realized that this was not an overnight process! My deeply rooted challenges traveled with me to college and my eating challenges flared up because of the new added stress of being in school away from home. I remember feeling so stressed out, overwhelmed, and stuck that I would just go back to my dorm room, sit on my bed and check out with graham crackers and nutella. Then I’d pass out in my bed for a couple hours just to wake up to a load of school work. I didn’t know what to do to curb my cravings and desire for food. I truly thought there was something inherently wrong with me and nothing would ever change. I always felt like there was a part of myself missing… something that never felt quite right. I tried many different forms of therapy, hypnosis, nutritional counseling, energy healing, yoga, Shamanic journeying, soul retrieval, and nothing really seemed to click for me. Nothing ever took away the cravings and my endless desire for food. I felt hopeless and was convinced this was something I would have to deal with for the rest of my life.

After I graduated from college, I ended up traveling through Southeast Asia, did my 200 hour yoga teacher training, and then started studying Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition. THIS is what truly changed my relationship to food. I began to understand myself and my desire for food in such a different light. I realized that my unwanted eating behaviors had divine messages to share with me and I didn’t need to push them away or shame them. My health and eating challenges needed to be witnessed and heard in a way that I had never listened to them before.

I no longer struggle with binge eating or emotional eating. I haven’t for a long time and it is SUCH a relief. I am now able to channel my energy to bigger and better things that excite me… like helping people navigate these challenges! Obviously, my journey with food and body image is never ending just as everyone’s is, but because I was able to navigate such immense challenges in this realm of my life, I feel confident in my ability to help other’s do the same.

What Makes My Approach Unique?

What Makes My Approach Unique?

My extensive studies and personal transformation through eating psychology, mind body nutrition, yoga and energy medicine has taught me to integrate my intuitive healing gifts with effective coaching strategies and nutrition science to support my clients on the road to health and healing.

I help people reach their highest goals, not by strategies that punish, but through strategies that nourish every aspect of themselves. My intention is to get you to love your body NOW… not once you lose the weight, not once you fit into your size 0 jeans… now. Period

I focus on what’s right for your body and your personal style. As we work together in this way, I will encourage you to befriend your eating and health challenges and use these as a place of exploration. Instead of seeing such challenges as the enemy, they become opportunities for growth, self-awareness and self-love.

My Method will help you to…

My Method will help you to…

+ Understand, befriend and overcome your compulsive eating habits

+ Feel more comfortable, ALIVE and confident in your body

+ Quiet your inner critic and transform negative self talk

+ Celebrate your inner beauty, strengths and talents

+ Carve out more time for self-care

+ Eat more intuitively and guilt free

+ Create healthy boundaries in your personal and professional life

+ Connect more deeply with your own intuition and body wisdom

+ Identify stressors and obstacles in the way of achieving your goals

+ Say NO to the people, places and experiences that don’t serve you

+ Say YES to the experiences that fill you up, inspire you and lift your spirits

+ Align with your deepest desires to manifest the life that you know you are meant to live

Professional Bio

+ Certified Reiki Master – Student of Berta Prevosti, Stratford, CT

+ Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health & Integrative Medicine – The University of Vermont

+ Certified Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach – The Institute for the Psychology of Eating

+ Certified Healing Touch I & II Practitioner – The University of Vermont

+ Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner – The University of Vermont

+ Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher – Zuna Yoga

+ Embody Love Movement Facilitator

Interested in working together?

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